New York City-based Professional Dominatrix and Travel Companion


"You will return to her more than once without finding anything like her in others. With her, you are becoming different, and the cosmos is deeper and more complex.
She wants the whole world - all its stars and sounds.
And you want her."


People tell me I look like a Disney Princess, however, I can be an Evel Queen Herself. I can be soft and violent, loving and dangerous, seductive and destructive. You chose which one you want to see today!

My dangerous beauty and mind of the clever psychopath will enslave you physically and mentally. I was a student of psychology so I know exactly how to twist your mind, drive you crazy and make you mad about me. I love nice, respectful and obedient slaves, nothing pleases me more than see how you lose your mind and power under my control. 



My Philosophy

As a Domme, I respect every aspect of the BDSM culture especially SSC - safe, sane and consensual.

My goal is to build long term relationships with my submissives, based on trust, respect, and safety. I like to make  Friends, not clients, that's why I take care of the atmosphere, privacy and respect in my sessions, to make your experience the most pleasant for both of us.

I pay a lot of attention to Pre-Session communication and Aftercare, to make you feel safe and loved.


-Exclusive Professional Dominatrix-