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There is no such thing I would not like - every experience might be pleasant in good company. 

Don't let me get bored!

From haute cuisine restaurant to the sniper rifle shooting class, car racing, board or video game, event or gala  - I will follow you everywhere, I'm into it if you will show me through your eyes.

And if you want, I will show you things that I find fascinating. 

My aim is to provide a safe space where you can feel relaxed and able to express an honest, carefree version of yourself.  The moments I find most enchanting are when we can play off of each other, unravel what the other person likes and simply, have fun!  I  suspect the transformation of something good into something which lingers is a delicate reaction, the catalyst being perceptivity.


please visit my FAQ page to view the full list of my interests

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Trust and comfort are key. Please make sure I feel comfortable, respected and safe, otherwise, I will leave and you will not get refunded. Let's make the experience joyful for both of us.

Traffic gets crazy and trains run late, it happens to the best of us.  

In this event, I will grant a 15 minute grace period but please know my fondness of punctuality.

I don’t mandate public time, hours of sleep, or personal time while travelling together because I know you will be a complete gentleman who goes above and beyond when it comes to making sure I feel comfortable and respected.​


My preferred method of verification is to hear from two ladies you’ve spent time with. Please provide their name, their website, and their email address. Unfortunately, I cannot accept agency references or those you have seen over a year ago.

If you do not have references, I am still happy to see you, I enjoy welcoming newcomers to this world! 

Please send: your full name, phone number (no burners), email from your place of work, and LinkedIn. 

I have an unlisted email that you may use for discretionary purposes, simply request the address in your inquiry.

Discretion is paramount, I delete all personal information after we have met.

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