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New York City-based Professional Dominatrix and Travel Companion


"You will return to her more than once without finding anything like her in others.

With her, you are becoming different, and the cosmos is deeper and more complex.
She wants the whole world - all its stars and sounds.
And you want her."


Flirtatious Femme Fatale and Mistress of a tease, I present myself as a mysterious, mesmerising and powerful Woman. 

Classy, elegant and educated I will follow you into your deepest dreams. I want to learn the way you love and make things special for you.

My hypnotic green eyes will put a spell on you and you will experience my undeniable power and submit, to feel how safe and comfortable it is, to be under my control. You will learn your only purpose is to make Me happy. 

With my Vanilla dates, I appreciate engagement, respect and interaction. I feel comfortable around polite and open-minded people. Good old romance is always a plus to me, I like to seduce and to be seduced. I prefer to start the meeting over light dinner or a bottle of wine and find out how far things can go!

As a Dominatrix, I prefer to have nice, respectful and obedient subs who know their place is under my soles. And as a Sadist, on the other hand, I want to challenge you and find out how much pain and torture you can take for My pleasure.



My Philosophy

I respect every aspect of the BDSM culture especially SSC - safe, sane and consensual.

My goal is to build long term relationships with my submissives, based on trust, respect, and safety. I like to make friends, not clients, that's why I take care of the atmosphere, privacy and respect in my sessions, to make your experience the most pleasant for both of us.

I pay a lot of attention to Pre-Session communication and Aftercare, to make you feel safe and loved.

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